We give you the most comprehensive hockey information available on the internet. In this article, we spent DOZENS of hours gathering information on 2019’s best hockey sticks on the market.

With hundreds of hockey sticks available for sale, however, it’s impossible for you to personally experiment with each of them yourself. We wanted to take the pain out of your selection process and inform you of the best equipment so that you’re able to stay at the top of your game.

1. STX Stallion HPR Hockey Stick

STX is new to hockey, but they have made a name for themselves with their quality lacrosse gear. They have brought a little of that expertise into the new STX Stallion HPR stick.
After extensive pro-level testing, they have developed the exciting technology of the PureGrip shaft. This new shaft is a half-hexagonal shape that provides better ergonomics in the hand for improved control and stick feel.

The shaft is made of 3K Carbon fiber that is both durable and lightweight. The STX Stallion HPR is also incredibly balanced with its spear construction that extends the shaft all the way into the blade. This improves quick stick handling and makes the stick seem lighter than it already is.
The blade is the ultra-stiff Pureblade with QuadCore design that has horizontal carbon fiber stringers and high-quality foams for great puck feel and improved blade durability.

2. Bauer Vapor FlyLite Hockey Stick

The newest of the new.  This is the top of the line Bauer Vapor stick that continues the tradition of innovation and technology. This model improves upon the previous Vapor 1X by decreasing the weight by 20 grams and making the release 11% quicker. The improved DuraFlex resin provides better stability when taking slap shots and hard passes, making this overall more versatile than previous Vapor sticks. The blade is also upgraded with thinner carbon layers and the ACL technology- AERO-SENSE 2 blade core that speeds up shot release and reduces weight.
The shaft is the proven TeXtreme carbon fiber  that helps extend the life of the stick and stops cracks from spreading further. The Vapor FlyLite is a true one-piece construction that improves balance and energy transfer.  Overall, this is the premier stick from Bauer and offers the highest performance available.

3. TRUE XC9 ACF Hockey Stick

This is the first low kick point stick from True, offering responsive and quick release wrist and snapshots.

While this is one of the lightest sticks out today, the True XC9 also has the best swing weight of any stick that makes it feel almost weightless and perfectly balanced in your hands.

The shaft is a premium carbon fiber twill in the industry-leading Axenic one-piece construction that is extremely consistent for better energy transfer and improved the impact strength by 20% over the previous model.

This stick is designed for players looking to get off a quick shot and typically generate shot power from their wrists. Overall, the True XC9 ACF is one of the most well thought out sticks out now, offering a great mix of lightweight and high-performance features.

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