Which Country Invented Cricket

The cricket was originated in south-east England and became famous in its country during the 18the century, but it has developed globally in the 19th and 20th centuries. Since it established, the cricket has become popular after football. So, there are international matches played when it began and it is run by the international cricket council that has one over hundred countries and territories in membership with the council for playing the game. During the early century cricket was played with a stone in place of a ball and simple bat shaped from a branch. Below are the evolution of which country invented cricket.

Origin of cricket

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The cricket is said to be children’s game in parts of England. Where the game was derived from the English word called cryce that means crutch or rod. It also borrowed the Dutch term as Krick which meant a stick.  But few researchers thought that the name could have been derived from a French word called as criquet where this translates to wooden post. So, during the 15th century English, Dutch and French were most popular spoken languages in the Southern England.

History of Cricket

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The game evolved from a simple game to a player who bowled a ball at a tree stump or wicket gate, whereas another player stopped the ball with a simple bat. So, many kind of games were played in England in between 13th century and 16th century. But early bats which was used in matches were hockey sticks which was long and heavy. During that time the ball was bowled along the ground in the early stages of game, unlike today where it is tossed in the air. The first match took place at Kent in 1646.

International Cricket Matches

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The first international match was played in New York in the year 1844 and the players were from the teams like US and Canada. Afterwards, different nations developed their cricket by having local competitors between the countries. So, England was the place for which country invented cricket and also held national competitions in the late 19th century. The cricket body was re-branded to international cricket conference in 1965 and now has 12 member states with many more associate members.

This is how the cricket established form the early century and its name came into existence. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about which country invented cricket. Thanks for reading1

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