Maybe you read the paper, listen to the radio or simply catch up in the pub with your more erudite accomplices. However, if you’re one of the few who has yet to convert to the online revolution, there are a number of things you’re missing out on; discounted offers on your groceries, a tutorial on Gangnam Style, and of course, the ten best websites for all your latest news, views and miscellaneous nooks and crannies in the soccer world.Here are 5 soccer website wonders.

ESPN Soccernet

The source of all my soccer knowledge, ESPN Soccernet has kept me up to date since I took an interest in the beautiful game. Breaking news, expert opinion and complete statistics from every facet of the sport is on the menu at this soccer portal.

Sky Sports

Perhaps the most familiar of sites on the list, Sky Sports is the place to be if you want to catch a big breaking story or a Joey Barton twitter outburst. Transfer Window Watch is just one of the many exclusive round-the-clock pages that run on Sky Sports, making it one of the most popular drop-ins for soccer fans across the United Kingdom and beyond.

For those who prefer a lighter dwelling, may be your tonic. Not always the most reliable of news sources, but still providing the necessary gossip and opinion from the continent to keep you quenched.


Well known for its Gossip Column, BBC Sport is a favorite of many, for the expert insights, up-to-date reports, and interactivity. Despite stiff competition from the more corporate fellows at Sky Sports, BBC Sport represents the high street of sports news; easily accessible and wholly reliable.

The Guardian

Perhaps not a first port of call for many, but The Guardian’s validity as a credible source of news should not be underestimated. Excellent writers, trustworthy sources and never ones to publish without verification of what they’re writing.

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